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Jensen/Danneel fic

Title: Look After You
Author: kaoschic84kaoschic84</lj>
Fandom: RPF - Real Person Fic
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jensen/Danneel
Rating: PG-13/R For some sexual activity
Summary: jensen and danneel are falling in love and enjoying the bliss of their new relationship, but will it last? Read to find out!
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Jensen Ackles or Danneel Harris because if I did I wouldn't be writing fic and I'd be hanging out with them all the time.
Notes/Warnings: If you don't like RPF why the hell are you still reading it.

I hope you guys will comment and review plz!! Comments are my crack!



She looked over at the man laying next to her. He was sleeping and she could lightly hear him breathing. He had one of his arms wrapped around her body tightly, and she was close enough to him that she could notice every detail of his body. He had asked her to not get up and leave him until the morning, and of course it was impossible for her to say no to him. He'd give her this look and smile at her and she pretty much melted everytime. Sometimes she'd banter with him and act like she wasn't really such a pushover and that he'd have to do certain favors for her in order for him to get his way. The only thing he didn't know is she would have done it anyways even without getting anything back from him. She hoped that he really liked doing things for her because it couldn't help but make her so happy. More happy than she'd ever been with anyone before. She felt like she was in high school all over again and at her age she shouldn't feel this way but it was an amazing feeling and she really didn't want it to go away. She couldn't help staring at him, he was absolutely gorgeous, and even better he didn't even seem to realize it and that just made him even more sexy to her.

She remembered back to when she saw him on that movie set now almost a year ago. It had been a while since they're paths had crossed she'd been busy filming in North Carolina and he'd been in Vancouver pretty much since she'd seen him in a couple years ago when she worked with him in a short film he was making with one of his buddies. She remembered first meeting him then in California. She was with her boyfriend at the time, and she wasn't really looking to do anything but mainly hang around and watch her boyfriend shoot some scenes and then leave but he had approached her and came over to talk. She couldn't help noticing how good looking he was even with him dressed casually in a pair of jeans, blue Abercrombie and Fith t-shirt, and wearing a Dallas cowboys hat. He had a really nice smile and deep intense green eyes. He walked over a bit nervously to her he couldn't help noticing she was really hot. She had a really nice body, he couldn't help noticing she had a really nice rack too, damn that so wasn't supposed to be the first thing he looked at but she had on a white tank top and it just seemed to show off what was underneath. He tried to look elsewhere and noticed she had on a pair of short denim shorts and her tanktop was a bit short and it showed off a bit of her tanned stomach. Which he couldn't help thinking was rather sexy, too showing just enough skin that he wanted to see more. No! he definitely couldn't think that he knew she was a friend of a friend of a friend's girlfriend or something like that, but she was definitely taken and you don't ever mess with a buddies girl no matter how fucking hot she was.

He was trying to get up the courage and thinking of what exactly to say to her. He really wasn't that good with girls and even got a little bit shy, he figured the best thing to do was make eye contact and speak, and hope that something that sounded not too dumb came out of his mouth. He smiled at her almost grinning and was now within normal conversastion distance from her. "Hey." He said simply. It wasn't the best thing to say but really it was all that seemed to come out. "Hi" She smiled at him and cutely showed her dimples at him. "So my friend Chris is the one shooting the movie." He said hoping that might start some type of conversation between them. "That's great. I guess he was the one who asked my boyfriend to come be in it. He said he couldn't pass up getting beat up." She laughed lightly. "Yeah I get beat up too." He added. "Must be a guy thing. Girls would never want to get beat up." She said teasingly to him. "Yeah well you know we have to be tough." He said flexing his muscle at her. She couldn't help noticing he was really built but she wasn't about to let him know that. "Yeah with an arm like that I think you might have to worry about getting hurt." She said punching him playfully in the arm. "Ouch. and there goes my ego." He said laughing and nervously adjusting the baseball cap he was wearing on his head. "Sorry I was just kidding. I'm sure your girlfriend thinks your hot." She said hoping she didn't hurt his feelings too bad, and also figured by saying that she'd find out if he was single or not. "Yeah I guess." He just shrugged a bit nervously. He kind of forgot he had a girlfriend for a minute there. "Well did your boyfriend tell you that we need some hot chicks for the movie?" He questioned her. "No he didn't. Where are you going to find them?" She said a bit jokingly,but not wanting to sound too overconfident at the same time. "Well we do. And well I think you'd definitely apply as a hot chick." He said a bit fast and a bit nervously because he really sounded like he was hitting on her. "Really. Well thanks. I don't have to audition." She questioned a bit surprisedreally and was flattered by the compliment. He just lightly laughed. "No I'm the producer and director. They pretty much do what I say." He just chuckled. "Oh really I didn't know I had met the big man on set I should definitely feel special now." She said smiling. "Yeah you should." He said in a serious tone, and then laughed again. "Joking." "I know. Well I better go over there and see what my boyfiend's up to." "All right" He said just nodding at her. "What was your name by the way?" He asked before she had walked away. "Danneel. What's yours?" "Jensen." He said simply. "Nice name." She nodded and smiled and then walked over to meet up with her boyfriend.

She smiled at remembering their first meeting and looked over at him still asleep so peacefully and thinking of how much things had changed. She couldn't believe that was over 3 years ago and she had gone so long without really seeing him again. He had sent her cards on certain holidays and such giving little updates on what he was doing, and she always did the same, but they never really saw each other much other than occasionally at a concert of one of his friend's when he had a chance to make it to LA to see them. When they did see each other that never made for having a lot of good meaningful conversation with the noise level. Usually they'd just shoot the usual chit chat and say Hi and how are you, but she couldn't help always making some flirty remark in his direction. It was kind of difficult not to he was just that attractive,no matter how hard you tried to deny it, or how much he would cover it up usually to keep from getting noticed. He'd usually dress all scruffy and wear baseball caps and sometimes even slightly grungy, but sometimes that just seemed to make him even more desirable to her.

She grinned and laid her head on his chest lightly hoping he wouldn't wake up. He stirred a bit and slowly opened his eyes and looked over at her. "Baby you still awake?" He said groggily and in a raspy voice. "We have a long day tomorrow it's a long ass flight." She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "Yeah I know I'll sleep on the plane." "Sure you will honey." He said laughing at the thought of her being slightly scared of flying. "I will." She said emphatically, she hated admitting it scared her at all, but the idea of flying especially on a long flight freaked her out a little. "I know you will after I put two tranquilizers in your drink because you won't listen to me and just take them yourself." He gave her a smirk as if he knew her too well. "Shut up. Why do I put up with you anyways." She said rolling over onto the other side of the bed away from him. "Hey I only speak the truth and you know it. Besides you put up with me because I'm so sexy." He said jokingly and turning over towards her and then putting his hands around her tiny waist tightly. "That's what you think. It's more like I just put up with you and your lucky to have me." She said turning her head and quickly looking in his direction and grinning and then looking back into the other direction again but couldn't really keep the smile from creeping back onto her face. "Ahh yes. That's right. My girl is always right." He said now lightly kissing her neck and stroking her hair in between each word he spoke. "You're damn right I am. And don't you ever forget it." She said slightly breathy, as she was trying to resist the feelings she had running through her when he touched her in those places and the way he did it. Sometimes lightly biting her skin and when his hot breath was touching her it gave her goosebumps down her whole body, and made her start to want him so badly, even though she knew she was going to regret it in the morning. They both had to wake up early for their 6 am flight, he just had to schedule to get their in time for his busy work schedule. "Jen we have to get up in like 4 hours to make the flight." She said trying to squirm away from him,even though she didn't really want to. "I know that gives us what like 3 hours of sleep and an hour for a quickie." He said chuckling. "Well you can have your quickie by yourself because I'm tired I haven't been sleeping like you have." She said trying her best to close her eyes and not think about him laying there that close to her and feeling the warmth of him near her,which seemed to make her even more hot and crave him the more she pretended to refuse. "I thought you were going to sleep on the plane." He said teasingly and using her words against her.

She scoffed a bit because she wasn't sure exactly what to say in response back to him, and it totally annoyed her but turned her on when he'd do that. He had let go of her and turned back to his side of the bed and started to go back to sleep. "Oh no you don't" She said inching over towards him and lightly tugging on the necklace he always wore around his neck, and pulled him towards her so that he was now hovering over the top of her. "Dani I"m kind of tired." He said waiting to see what she'd do. "All right. That's fine." She said putting her hand behind his head and leaning in towards him and starting to first kiss his neck and then slowly moving her way up towards his lips and nibbling on his lower lip and then sucking it sensually. "Ok I'm awake." He said kissing her back passionately and cupping his hands against her cheeks, and then running his fingers through her hair. She was moaning in pleasure at the sensations he just seemed to cause every time he'd touch her anywhere. She'd try to fight it sometimes but she knew that was a waste of energy. Since she'd been with him this long she'd realized just to succumb to anything that he would do to her because she pretty much wanted him at almost every waking moment. Even though she didn't really get that much time with him anyways, so she was definitely going to make the absolute most of it and enjoy being with him while she could. He was now lingering in all the right places with his tongue and lips just long enough until he'd hear the cute little noises she'd make letting him know that was exactly what she wanted him to do. He kept nuzzling the sides of her neck almost to the point where she could hardly stand it, she was very ticklish and it made her pant and moan in desire and pleasure for him. She pulled his body closer to her so that his chest was actually touching her own. She was grasping onto strands of his hair and gripping his shoulders and back with her fingernails. He had now migrated from her neck down to her stomach and lightly tugged the belly button ring between his teeth, which was the only article of clothing she was wearing. He started now kissing around that area and kept creeping down lower and then teasingly kept inching his way back upwards. She was trying to gain some composure with him which she knew was almost completely impossible to do. She was aching for him and she knew it was his game to see who would give in and beg first so she was trying to at least give a bit of a fight and trying not to beg him hell totally plead to give her what she wanted. She started to mumble words through her heavy breathing into his ear. "Jen" was the only thing that could come out. He looked at her with a bit of a smug grin on his face. He could't help totally taking in just how damn beautiful she was, how the hell he got so lucky to have a girl like her he wasn't sure, and to know that he was giving her what she wanted made it even better and more intense for him. He was now kissing her lips once again and started taking heavy breaths and gulps to try and speak himself. "What is it baby?" "Are you ok?" He said making sure that he hadn't in any way hurt her whatsoever.

She smiled at him and was kissing him and then gently pulling away and then kissing him again more passionately each time."I'm fine." She started running her fingers through his hair and started kissing his neck in the way he had done to her previously hoping she could somehow turn the tables on him and make him beg her. She started lightly biting on his ear and then started whispering sensaully into his ear. "You know you want me Jen don't try to deny it." She was tryinng to turn him on and hoping it would give her a bit of control with him even though that probably wouldn't last and she knew eventually she'd end up begging him because he knew he liked being the one in control even though he never totally admitted it but she knew that was the way he liked it. He was extremely turned on when she'd get that close to him and talk that way. He could feel the intensity of her hot breath touching his skin and it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It was incredibly arousing and he could feel the lust running through him, he wanted her badly, but to beg her was not somethng he would give into normally but at this moment it was starting to become harder and harder, he was just about ready to not wait for her to beg him and just take her. All of her because he knew she wanted it but he didn't know if he could stand the foreplay between them any longer.. Self control when he was with her could be almost impossible and he wondered just exactly how much she knew that because he never said it outloud, but figured it was obvious to her by the way he acted when she was around. "I totally plead the fifth" He said grinning at her. She smiled back at him and kissed him on the lips once again. "Yeah you definitely wouldn't want to incriminate yourself. Or else I might just have to punish you." She said raising an eyebrow at him and talking breathily into his ear. "Oh then I totally plead guilty as charged. Punish me!" He said eagerly raising his eyebrows and giving her a look that just screamed take me I'm yours something he hardly ever did. She knew she was a bit in control and she couldn't help wanting to take advantage of it a bit. "All right you bad naughty boy. Your under arrest!" She said as she moved over to the top of him and started to straddle him and she pushed on his chest forcibly with the palm of her hand. He looked a bit surprised. She usually wasn't so rough, and he couldn't help really liking this side of her a hell of alot. "Mr. Ackles you have the right to remain silent anything you say will be held against you." She said as she put more of her weight on him so that he couldn't move even though she was alot smaller than him and he probably could if he wanted to but he was enjoying it way too much. She put her hand over his lips so that he couldn't speak. He was trying not to laugh a little bit because even though she was so sexy she was also really adorable at the same time. "What are you smiling at! Shut up and wipe that smile off your face!" She said in a firm voice and trying not to smile because he just seemed to do that when she'd look at him. He was trying to not smile and laugh at her and when he did that he ended up making a really funny face that made her start laughing. "Oh my gosh Jensen I hate you!" She said punching him quite hard in the ribs. She started to make a face at him. "Here I am trying to be sexy and then you just make fun of me." "Baby how could I ever make fun of you. It's just your so adorable I couldn't help smiling. Besides everytime I look at you I can't take my eyes off of you." A grin was starting to creep over her face even though she was trying to hold it back. "That's a nice line. You should write it down. Maybe it will work next time." She said mischievously looking at him but trying not to make total eye contact. "Hey!! it was good damn I really had to think about that one!" He said sounding mock hurt. "Well it won't work on me!" She said now getting off of him and rolling back over to her side of the bed still making sure to not look at him because he pretty much had that way of always looking at you and she could barely ever be mad at him for long. "Dani-girl come on. Don't be mad." He said now turning over to her and giving her a really pouty look. "Stop it!!" She started llghtly smiling and laughing at him. "You're so pathetic." She said now looking at him and messing up his hair worse than it already was. "I know but I can't go to sleep with you angry at me," He said sincerely looking into her deep brown eyes. "I'm not mad. I'm never mad that's why I hate you." She said a bit annoyed at herself for now not making any sense. "Ok so your not mad you just hate me. Makes perfect sense." He said nodding as if he somehow understood her logic. "I think I'm going to call it a night. We really do need sleep." He said starting to yawn a bit as he was talking. He started to pull the covers over himself and over her. "Hopefully you won't hate me in the morning." He said seeing what her reaction would be. She just smiled and looked over at him. "Maybe I won't if you're lucky" She said halfsmiling at him. She moved over closer to him and he put his arm around her. "Come here." He said pulling her closer towards him. "Ok fine but I'm only coming over here because I'm cold." She said inching closer to him. "Right of course." He said holding her tighter and then kissing her on the forehead. "Goodnight Danigirl." "Goodnight Jennyboy." she said laughing at the name she had come up with that probably would totally annoy him now that'd he heard it. He just laughed and closed his eyes hoping the alarm wouldn't go off as soon as it inevitably would because he wanted to hold her as long as he could.




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