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Father's Day Love- A Jensen/Danneel Future Fic

All right, so I asked Sarah to give me a prompt that she wanted to see for a Jensen/Danneel fic. She gave me several but I chose the future, family one. My original plans were to post this on Father's Day, since it was set around the day but obviously that didn't work out. Anyways here it is now. Enjoy! And Sarah, I hope this meets your expectations.

Title: Father's Day Love
Author: Claraclaralovesdeanw
Fandom: Real Person Fic
Pairing: Jensen/ Danneel (duh!)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I can't take any credit for this couple. The plot is mine though :D
Summary: Just what exactly does Jensen want for Father's Day?
Word Count: 1260
Warning: Hardcore Fluffiness ahead. Feel the love

Scene: Jensen and Danneel are in their bedroom, talking.



“Now, I know we have already discussed this or. Maybe I talked and you pretended to listen. Probably the latter, knowing you, but anyways Father’s Day is coming up.” She said, giving her husband a pointed look.


“It is? Really? Hmm…must have forgotten to check my calendar.” He said, smartly


She rolled her eyes at her husband’s lame attempt at humor.” You are soo funny…


He smiled cheekily, receiving a glare. “Oh come on, it was a little funny.”


“Whatever, more to the point did you hear a word I was saying?” she asked.


“Are you accusing me of ignoring you because I always listen when you speak, sweetheart.” He answered, with a toothy grin.


His answer was met with another glare.


“Okay, geez....sorry…kill a guy for trying to lighten up the conversation…. Father’s Day what about it?”


“It is Sunday and you haven’t given me any clues to what you want.”


That is because I already have everything I want…you and little Ella.”


“I’m serious, Jen, it is your first Father’s Day as a father and I want it to be special.”


“And so I am, as long as I have my beautiful wife and daughter…I don’t need anything else.”


She then crossed her arms across her chest and deliberately turned her entire body away from him.


“Don’t be like, sweetie, come on, why the need buy me something for Father’s Day?” he said, putting a warm hand on her shoulder.


She shrugged his hand away. “Forget it, Jensen, sorry I asked.” She huffed, walking away to go check on Ella. However, a snaked gently around her waist to stop her.


“I’m sorry.” He said, softly in her ear. She turned and immediately leaned her head on his chest. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer, “You know what I want for Father’s Day?”


She eased herself out of his embrace. “Jensen, I swear if you say me and Ella again…”


He chuckled before continuing.  “What I want is to spend the day with my two favorite girls. Now, before you protest, hear me out.”

“I’m listening…” she said, crossing her arms across her chest.



“ I want breakfast in bed, a picnic in the park and then I want to take my wife out to dinner…”




“uh,uh,uh… you asked what I wanted and that is the god-honest truth.”


“You are so difficult…why couldn’t you have just asked for new tie.” She questioned.


“One…. I don’t wear ties and two, when have you ever known me to choose the easy option?” he replied with a smile.


“How about last week when I asked you to do the dishes and instead you threw all the dirty ones in the trash and bought new ones.”


He paused before speaking. “You were supposed to say never and give me a kiss.”


“Says who?”




“And what makes you think I listen to you?” she asked, a sly smile playing across her lips.


“Oh…that hurts.” he said, putting his hand over his heart dramatically.


“You are such wuss…” she said with a roll of her eyes.


“My, my…aren’t we just full of insults today?”


“Not insults, just the facts…”


“Well, fine if you are going to be like that…. see what I get you for… he rambled, trying to come up with a clever answer, “for the fourth of July.”


“Fourth of July? Nobody gives gifts for the 4th of July.”


“Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to buy one for you…. now you can just forget about it., he said with a pout.


“Are you sure I can’t change your mind?” she said as she laid a kiss on his lips.


“You can certainly try.” He responded, returning with a much deeper kiss. More kisses were exchanged and would have most likely escalated into more had it not been for the cries of the little girl sleeping across the hall who had apparently just woken up from her afternoon nap.


“I guess that is my cue to leave.” She said, heading towards the door.


“No, let me, after all dad’s the word, right? Besides, you have Father’s Day stuff to arrange. He said grasping her forearm and  walking out of the room.


“I do, don’t I?” she mumbled quietly to herself as she headed downstairs towards the kitchen.




“Hi, sweetie, what’s with all this crying?” he said as he walked in his little girl’s room, and immediately taking  Ella in his arms wiping away her tears.“You know I can’t stand it when I see those tears of yours.”


The crying stopped just as suddenly as it had started. “Just need your dad, huh?” he whispered. Ella answered by snuggling deeper into his chest.


“Now, kiddo you are supposed to be napping for another hour…let’s see if we can help your mom out a bit here, not that she needs it.” He said, moving to sit in the rocking chair located next to the white crib.


“Yeah, your mom is a special woman. I know you are probably thinking ‘then why is she with you?’ To be honest, kid, I have no idea. I must be lucky, I guess. Because let’s face it, I may be good, but really I’m nowhere near that good. Your mom could have done so much better than your old man, but for some reason, she chose me to love.


And god, Ella do I love her. She has already given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. She has blessed me with you, baby girl…my beautiful little girl. I’ll tell you what Ella, if you grow up to be half as amazing as your mom…. who I am kidding, she made you, so you are already wonderful. So when you grow up and become even more amazing, be sure to thank her because you and I both know that I will have nothing to do with it.” He said.


 He looked down at Ella, finding she had fallen asleep, her fists clenching his shirt. “All my talking bore you? That’s okay, it won’t be the last time, and I’m sure.” He said brushing away a blond strand away from her forehead.


He slowly moved out of the chair and gently laid her back down into her crib, adjusting the blanket to cover the lower half of her body. He smiled at Ella before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her head whispering. “I love you sweet girl.”


He gave one last glance towards the crib before exiting the room, pulling the door closed quietly. He turned around and came to face to face with his wife. Her eyes were glittering with unshed tears, a small smile gracing her features.


“How much of that did you hear?” he asked hesitantly.


She moved towards him, wrapped her slender arms around his neck, raised her mouth to his ear and whispered, “All of it.”


She then lowered her, looked him in the eye and said “You were wrong about one thing though.”


“What’s that?” he asked confusedly, a frown darkening his brow.


“I couldn’t have chosen anyone better.” She replied, a stray tear sliding down her cheek.


He reached up, brushed away the tear, cupping her head gently, bringing his lips to hers in a soft kiss.


“I love you, Dani-girl.” He said before he laid another kiss on her lips.


“I love you too, Jensen.” She whispered back, giving one final kiss before linking her hand in his, pulling him towards the bedroom.

Comments are love, even if to tell me I'm wasting my time. :D
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