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FIC: Normal PGish

Title: Normal (1/1?)
Author: missqteeone
Disc: I am not affiliated with Jensen Ackles or Danneel Harris and this is a non-profit work of fiction.
Warnings: RPF, Fluff
Summary: Danneel realizes that having a relationship with Jensen requires some adjustments
AN: Brief Cameo by Jared and Sandy. Mentions of Sophia Bush and Bevin Prince
AN2: My first ever RPF. It's short.

Jensen liked staying home and lounging around the house. After the second time Danneel dragged him out, she was beginning to see why. The first time they went to see Knocked Up, four girls recognized him in the movie theater. And then proceed to squeal at the top of their lungs and stare at them. Then they noticed that she was holding Jensen’s hand and they glared at her until they could get into the movie.

It was strange. Jensen walked over and they took pictures with their cameras and they hugged him. And squealed some more. After the movie Jensen took her to Ben and Jerry’s and they shared a bowl of ice cream. It was a nice night.

The second time they went out they went to a bar with Jared and Sandy. If the reaction to seeing Jensen was bad, then seeing the two of them together was downright crazy. Apparently the Supernatural Fan Club was in town, and they went nuts. Sandy just shrugged the small crowd of girls off and handed her a shot of tequila.

“They’ve seen his hands, I can’t blame them.” She jokes lamely, but somehow the comment is extremely funny. That boy does have huge hands. Jared’s probably half-plastered and smiling with a bunch of girls that are barely old enough to drink. Jensen’s signing something for a woman who looks old enough to be Jared’s mother. “I’m glad Jared’s so popular with the fans. It’s so much worse when they’re together, though.”

Danneel only got mobbed the one time, and Bevin and Sophia were there too so it wasn’t really a big deal, guys whose girlfriends make them watch One Tree Hill. They were nice guys. And staying at home could be a good thing, right? Pulling on one of Jensen’s shirts from his drawer, she padded into the kitchen and set the tea kettle to boil.

“Ugh. I’ve turned into a teenage girl.” Jensen grumbled, pulling her into his embrace. “Mixin’ drinks is bad, baby.” He twanged.

“I knew you were from Texas.” Danneel joked, placing a kiss to his cheek. “You feel like eating anything?”

“Nuh,” He moaned, dragging her back towards the bedroom. Jensen was definitely a ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’ kind of guy. Of course he would want to spend the entire day in bed nursing his hangover. He probably wasn’t even that hungover and wanted to snuggle. She rolled her eyes at him before slipping out of his grasp.

“Bevin’s coming over today. She’s getting her floors re-done and she doesn’t want to stay alone in Bush’s place. So if you’re going to mope around here, at least put some pants on.” His eyebrow cocks, but he says nothing and trudges back into the bedroom. If this was normal, Danneel figured she could handle that.
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